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By Bob Earley

Joe Kernan, former mayor of South Bend Indiana and former governor of Indiana, passed away earlier this week at the age of 74 after battling a long illness. The city, the state, the country, has a void in it.

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By Bob Earley

For years, I’ve heard that “traditional” media is dying.  Newspapers are gone; tv is being replaced with streaming services. And radio, well… it’s dead, being replaced with services like pandora. So, the power of radio, is it dead? Think again.

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By Bob Earley

I realize that there’s a redundancy in this blog’s title. However, so many people talk about vision, strategies, goals and objectives and yet so many fail one of the final steps: execute.

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Written by Jim Ragosta

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This year has certainly been an interesting one so far; a world of dichotomies.

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During these challenging times, many of us are experiencing furloughs, unemployment, the juggling of our work schedules along with the schedules of students and their e-learning. On top of those challenges is wondering how do we stay in contact with our target audiences. Some experts have said people are “hunkered down” and aren’t doing anything, causing some businesses to wonder if they’ve lost touch with their target audiences.

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(South Bend, IN. Tuesday, March 24, 2020)  Force5 has launched a new website and facebook page called Force 4 Good.   The Force 4 Good web and facebook platform shares good works being done in the local community and around the country during the trying times of the Pandemic crisis. Aside from stories highlighting the good works that come out of a crisis, it will also help bring awareness to South Bend and surrounding communities to resources that provide relief for those in need. The site is www.force4good.org.