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Who's Your Audience and What's Their Word?

The latest data from Experian Hitwise shows that the number of keywords typed into search engines is declining.  Longer searches, those of 5-8 words, were down last month 3%.  As the data table shows,  1 word searches comprise a full 24% of all searches. 2 word searches are a close second. 

Super Bowl XLV Ads: Show, Sell or Shock?

Super Bowl ads have become an event all in themselves over the years. Unexpected hilarity, moving stories, elaborate CG effects all are pieced together to make impressions on viewers. But does their strategy pay off?

When Marketers Should Make BIG Promises

I believe your authenticity can alter my reality. I believe that when you believe what you are saying, you actually shape the outcome of my experience.

A Satisfying Promise

I mean, who would drive hundreds of miles to see "The Most Lame Show on Earth?"

Two examples of great local Brand Ambassadors!

As a Certified Brand Strategist here at Force 5, I am always on the look out for brand done well and brand that needs help. Both are easy to spot. I have found two examples of wonderful brand ambassadors locally and want to share them with you.

Facebook vs. your Brand Site

400 million…500 million…..and still growing. Whether you “like” it (pun intended) or not—Facebook is dominant in helping companies build relationships with their clients. Is there still a place for the web?

What's your Story?

Review of a great book -- A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life, by Donald Miller. Take a look at the story of your life, how does it read? This book has insights that apply to personal and business life, it's a must read!

Its Springtime! - Time to dust off that Brand.

Time to consider a little spring cleaning - especially your brand

Generating creative ideas for your brand or company

Ideating – which is a fancier term for brainstorming – is a core necessity or foundational step within an advertising and marketing agency’s process of generating creative ideas. Need help generating creative ideas for your brand or company? Let Force 5 play a role in assisting you and your organization in meeting and exceeding your marketing objectives.