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Its Springtime! - Time to dust off that Brand.

Time to consider a little spring cleaning - especially your brand

Generating creative ideas for your brand or company

Ideating – which is a fancier term for brainstorming – is a core necessity or foundational step within an advertising and marketing agency’s process of generating creative ideas. Need help generating creative ideas for your brand or company? Let Force 5 play a role in assisting you and your organization in meeting and exceeding your marketing objectives.

The Bean Brand

L.L. Bean is taking a leap into new territory! They are creating a brand extension called L.L. Bean Signature. The new line is a collection for men and women with updated styles and cuts.

Brand extensions are tricky, is this the right move for L.L. Bean?

Okay...It's Finally 2010...Now What?

Unfortunately last year many business’s pulled back on their marketing and advertising efforts. “Well, something had to give”, a business owner told me. Unfortunately, marketing initiatives may have been the last thing he wanted to pull in a bad economy. Study after study has shown that during down times, the companies that continued marketing came back to “the black” quicker and stronger than those who pulled the blanket over their heads and waited for the storm to pass. Okay, now what? Read more about our commitment to Brand...and the new economy.

Some Great Branding Books to Consider

Here are some great branding book--varying opinions, but overall good info, and lots of case studies!