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Hey Buddy, wanna deal?

The “daily deal” industry structures their deals so that the retailer must be very careful about the deal they are getting.

The Value of Small + Smart

Whenever I’m asked about Force 5, one of the things I say about our company is that we are“small and smart.” Most people understand immediately ...

Google Panda

Google’s recent “Panda” update is getting plenty of notice and discussion on SEO and web marketing sites. This is an algorithm update, the formula Google uses to rank sites—using a variety of areas of your web site.

Order Up!

Force 5 recently wrote about a project we did involving QR (quick response) codes. The campaign, done for Smoker Craft boats, has been a success and a practical application of this new and growing tool. Since the boom in QR codes, I have since seen them on everything from ads in magazines to the lettuce container at the grocery store. So, it has led me to think about their use and where they might be most effective.

Web of One

Is the filtering and data mining on the Internet good for you?

Touchy Feely

But I have to be honest with you; there’s something that’s just not been quite right with my new iPhone 4.

Raising Entrepreneurs

My brief takeaway from a TEDxEdmonton talk featuring Cameron Herold on why we should raise our kids to be entrepreneurs.

Table for two, please

Come on, using a landline phone to make restaurant reservations is so 20th Century! These days, more and more consumers expect to engage with restaurants online and through mobile devices. Are you one of them?

Why Facebook launched the Send button

Facebook on Monday launched a new way to share content online - the Send button. While the functionality is nothing new, how you share content with friends may change with this new process of sharing. Facebook's goal is to be that "pipe" in which you share more and more information, ultimately learning much more about you so it can deliver specific and targeted advertising down the road.