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Do's And Don'ts Of Running Facebook Business Pages

More and more businesses are moving to Facebook as a platform to reach new customers and communicate with existing customers. It is becoming increasingly important to set yourself from the pack in the world of Facebook business pages. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Facebook business page by following Force 5's Do's and Don'ts of running a Facebook page for your business ...

Okay...It's Finally 2010...Now What?

Unfortunately last year many business’s pulled back on their marketing and advertising efforts. “Well, something had to give”, a business owner told me. Unfortunately, marketing initiatives may have been the last thing he wanted to pull in a bad economy. Study after study has shown that during down times, the companies that continued marketing came back to “the black” quicker and stronger than those who pulled the blanket over their heads and waited for the storm to pass. Okay, now what? Read more about our commitment to Brand...and the new economy.

Adobe's Flash In The Pan?

Adobe's Flash has had a successful run the past few years. While the latest usage statistics show a slight decline, it still employs an impressive 95.89% browser install base as of Jan, 2010.

Tips for Creating your Company’s Facebook Presence

Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with old friends and family, sharing photos, and finding lost classmates. With over 125 million users worldwide your business can benefit greatly from this social networking giant.

Mari Smith, Facebook for business guru, and author of 10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business, has stated that millions more will join Facebook in the coming months and years, and the vast majority will use Facebook primarily for business purposes.

An American Brand

"Made in America" has a brand equity-especially in these economic times

Recession Leadership: Sinking the Boat, Missing the Boat, and Rocking the Boat

You don't have to be as bold as Kellogg or as daring as Steve Jobs. But don't use the long shadow of the economic crisis as an excuse to downsize your dreams or stop taking chances. The challenge for leaders in every field is to emerge from turbulent times with closer connections to their customers, with more energy and creativity from their people, and with greater distance between them and their rivals.

Brand vs. Commodity

There's a lot of talk about Brand, Branding, and Brand Development. Its all important, and its all straightforward. The problem with most companies in regards to branding is that they haven't taken time to understand the differences and more importantly, why they need to develop their brand.

Timidity is not the route to success

Marketing studies in the 20’s-40’s-50’s and 60’s shown that during recessions, almost without exception sales and profits dropped off at companies that cut back on advertising. But here’s the catch--The studies also revealed that after the recessions ended, those companies continued to lag behind the ones that had maintained their advertising budgets. Don't be timid in down times.