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The Boss Rules: Rule #3

Sometimes the best things a boss can say to you hurt a little.

The Boss Rules

Now, in a world full of Bernie Madoffs and Balloon Boys, you might say, “Butch, are you crazy? In business? People will cut your throat out in a minute!”

When Marketers Should Make BIG Promises

I believe your authenticity can alter my reality. I believe that when you believe what you are saying, you actually shape the outcome of my experience.

A Force 5 Client in the News - Tobacco Free St. Joseph County

Tobacco Free St. Joseph County website

Recently in the local news WNDU reported how the "Freedom from Smoking" program started last week. The report was based off of the Tobacco free program in St. Joseph County which is involved in helping the public stop smoking.

A good reminder

I was at church this Sunday and received a good reminder. Let me take a step back, this was the weekend when the little people come up from little people church to big people church and sing a few Christmas songs. So here comes the first group, 4-7 years old, I believe. The girls have on their new tights and sparkly skirts, the boys have their hair combed and are sporting a new sweater. The proud parents are happily snapping photos. Their songs are very nice; they clap their hands, mostly to the beat, and shyly, sweetly sing.

Lessons from a Discouraged Coyote

I finally figured out why the Coyote couldn't catch the Road Runner. Read on and you'll know why ...

More than 20 minutes

Early this past September I read a post from one of my favorite marketing dudes, Chris Brogan. This message has stayed with me and continues to resonate. The post was written on a Sunday and talked about taking 20 minutes (on Sundays) to connect with friends and family.

Reversing the Childhood Obesity Trend (is a Big Idea!)

As a marketer I’m always looking for inspiration, and I’m certain most of us who work in the industry would like nothing more than to conceptually develop and execute the next big idea.  Some of you might wonder what I mean – big idea seems slightly vague I assume.  In this instance I liken a big idea to something that is life changing, or big enough perhaps to become a movement.

What's your Story?

Review of a great book -- A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life, by Donald Miller. Take a look at the story of your life, how does it read? This book has insights that apply to personal and business life, it's a must read!