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Information Overload

Facing information overload

Information - Fast and Furious

I recently read an article from the Center for Media Research that had some very interesting statistics on digital consumption.

Why Facebook launched the Send button

Facebook on Monday launched a new way to share content online - the Send button. While the functionality is nothing new, how you share content with friends may change with this new process of sharing. Facebook's goal is to be that "pipe" in which you share more and more information, ultimately learning much more about you so it can deliver specific and targeted advertising down the road.

Where in the world are you?

For the last week, the tech news has been reporting that Apple has secret files on the iPhone that track user location and store it on the device, without the permission of the device owner. It's unclear what the data is used for and why Apple has been collecting it in iOS products that carry a 3G antenna for nearly a year now. Microsoft and Android are doing essentially the same thing. Is this an invasion of privacy?

Mobile Health Seekers

I recently read an article in MediaPost which had some incredible stats on the mobile users consumption of health information through apps and browsers.

Scarcity, Value, and Counterfeit Facebook Likes

It appears that advertisers in an effort to gain coveted Facebook Page "Likes are offering consumers premiums (or access to content) if they will visit their page and give them their valuable "Thumb Up." Sounds like a good marketing strategy ... or does it?

DECA's local impact

Penn High School DECA Team in December 2010In the business world, preparation is key to many forms of success. Enter DECA (formerly known as Distributive Education Clubs of America). DECA aims to give high school students the skills needed to enter the workforce prepared and ready for that success.

Private-Label Growth. Here to Stay?

I recently read an article in Marketing Daily, about the growth in private-label products. No surprise there, right? The figures were pretty compelling with consumers saving 33% off their grocery bills by purchasing all private-label products. I have followed the trend, trying more private-label products than I have in the past. While I haven’t gone all private-label, I have more private-label in my basket now than big brand names.

Un-Marketing by Scott Stratten

A great video interview on Social Media Strategy.