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Hide IIS7 Response Headers

What are Response Headers?

Response headers is data that gets sent from the server to the browser. The data can include date & time, content type (ex: text/html, text/javascript), and server information (ex: Microsoft-IIS/7.0).

Why is it important to hide them?

Security. At the most basic level it will not broadcast what operating system the web server is and which version it is whether it is a Microsoft IIS web server or an Apache PHP web server. Here is an example of what information is passed back to the browser:

How-to: 301 Permanent Redirect with ASP.NET 4 - Response.RedirectPermanent()

During the process of migrating development over to the .NET 4 Framework there have been noticeable improvements. One of the newest improvements is used quite often, Response.RedirectPermanent(). This new feature does a permanent redirection from a requested URL to a specified URL.

State of HTML 5

If you are a web developer or familiar with web technologies, there's no doubt you've heard about HTML 5 and the "next level" of web design and functionality. It's morphed into a buzz term that has been thrown around a lot lately. Between Apple's spat with Adobe over Flash and the latest browsers touting HTML 5 compatibility, there's still a lot to know about the always evolving markup language of the world wide web.

Is Your Website Customer-Centric?

In case you haven’t noticed the web is changing. There is a huge movement underway toward clean, simple, user friendly websites that promote productivity and, consumer interaction. The average consumer doesn’t care how creative a design team you have or, how technically advanced your development team is. They want information. Honest, peer driven information.

The little things to not forget about during development [Part: 2]

What are Sitemaps and why are they important? Sitemaps are a tool for developers to inform search engines about the website content that is available to be indexed. The sitemap protocol is made up of XML that contains a list of URLs, last modified dates, and page priorities for your website.

Extreme Database Makeover

How we used the SQL Server Script Wizard to make an overwhelming database move manageable.

I Need a New Website - Now What Do I Do?

You finally decide your company needs a new website, but you have no idea who to call. You check the yellow pages, Google web design, ask friends and family, and you’re still overwhelmed with all the choices. Who do you call when your brother-in-laws sisters boyfriend will do the job for $500. “We Are Web Sites”, the best web shop on the internet, will build your site for $2,000 and, “The Interactive Agency” down the street wants ten times that amount for a website and an integrated marketing campaign.

The little things to not forget about during development [Part: 1]

Robots.txt – Telling bots where to go and where not to

What is the robots.txt and why is the robots.txt file important?

The robots.txt file is placed in the root folder of your website. This file instructs search engine bots what can and cannot be indexed. All you need to do is to define some criteria of what can be indexed and what cannot.