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SQL Case Study - Convert data rows to columns

We recently had a project that involved putting together a survey.  This survey was comprised of almost 150 questions.  As we brainstormed the best way to construct the data tables to store this information, the thought of a table with 150 columns made us cringe.  Time constraints also called for something we could put together relatively quickly.  We decided to create a table that stored each question as a row of data.  Then we made a table that referenced the primary key of the question table along with the user'

Adobe's Flash In The Pan?

Adobe's Flash has had a successful run the past few years. While the latest usage statistics show a slight decline, it still employs an impressive 95.89% browser install base as of Jan, 2010.

Top 5 marketing waves you should ride in 2010

If you’re a marketer in any capacity and you’re reading this post then I’m 99.9% sure you’ve also read about, or thought about, or discussed some sort of Top 10 list – goals, trends, etc. – for marketing in 2010. Around the New Year this topic is often fodder for bloggers, trade publications, and the like. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, and we’re approaching mid February, I’d like to throw my weight around regarding this matter.

Finding Augmented Reality

Augmented reality. It's a term that has been popping up in the multimedia field a lot lately. Call it the latest internet meme, call it the next generation of marketing, call it a fad. Whatever you call it, you can't ignore it's possibilities.

Tutorial: How to add specific page keywords & descriptions while using ASP.NET Master Pages

One of the most common questions that gets asked when starting out with ASP.NET Master Pages is how to add page specific keywords & descriptions.

Tips for Creating your Company’s Facebook Presence

Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with old friends and family, sharing photos, and finding lost classmates. With over 125 million users worldwide your business can benefit greatly from this social networking giant.

Mari Smith, Facebook for business guru, and author of 10 Reasons to Use Facebook for Business, has stated that millions more will join Facebook in the coming months and years, and the vast majority will use Facebook primarily for business purposes.

Ride The Google Wave

Working in a team environment can be an inspiring experience. However, an efficient team workflow doesn't just form itself. An organized system and rich toolset are often a few ingredients in a well-oiled team workflow machine.

One of those ingredients may be named Google Wave.

Understanding Website Traffic

As a website owner it’s important to understand website analytics. How many people are going to your website? Are they reading what you have to say? Are they buying your products? There is only one way to know. Good site analytics. The problem is there are so many statistics available sorting through these numbers can be a daunting task. Below, I’ve provided some basic analytic information to help you decipher this numerical nightmare.

From Idea to (re)Invention

There are some exciting things happening here at Force 5 Media. One of which, is exciting for me, since it involves self-discovery and insight for the purpose of solely helping our clients realize their goals. There is an old saying, "In order to see where you are going, you must know where you've been." This goes for not only our clients, but ourselves. We have something in common with our clients; our need and want for success.