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New Research Shows Mobile Internet Usage a Daily Habit for One in Five Americans

A recent study by Morgan Stanley projects mobile internet users to exceed desktop internet users within the next few years. (2015)
Yikes! - - Powerful stat. Believe it or not, the question isn’t “Should you go mobile?” but rather “Can you afford not to…?”

Black Hat SEO will git you run out of town Pardner

J.C. Penny got caught with their hand in the SEO cookie jar - and got busted them. White Hat and Black Hat, there is a difference.

The Boss Rules: Rule #3

Sometimes the best things a boss can say to you hurt a little.

The Boss Rules: Rule #2

I’ve worked for a lot of years, enjoyed a lot of roles in my career, and had a lot of supervisors who imparted their wisdom to me.   I thought I would share some of their best stuff with you in this series of posts called, “The Boss Rules.”

Rule #2:  “Ask them, ‘What are you trying to accomplish?’ ”

When Marketers Should Make BIG Promises

I believe your authenticity can alter my reality. I believe that when you believe what you are saying, you actually shape the outcome of my experience.