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TikTok is the latest social craze, as businesses and people alike are trying to understand the purpose of the media, as well as how to utilize it. Social Media still holds as a highly valuable medium to meet business objectives, however that doesn’t mean every business should be on every platform, popular or not. So, let’s try to answer the question, “Is TikTok right for your business?”

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You probably made some resolutions this year. Some stick, some don’t. In fact, of the people who set resolutions, less than half will be successful in six months. But if you’re still going strong, way to go!

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“Hey Siri: How can I help people find my website?”

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Recently my partner, David, and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to go to New Orleans to help launch the brand we developed recently for one of our clients, Centennial Mortgage.

As a Certified Brand Strategists through the Brand Establishment, we subscribe to a specific methodology of developing brand for an organization. This is a proven and efficient process, and we’ve seen outstanding results as we help companies understand their distinction in the marketplace.

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Can you think back to when searching the internet was simpler? No mumbo jumbo, ads, and information you don’t care about displaying everywhere? Yeah, I remember too. Take a look at the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) just a decade ago.


Now, take a gander at what the SERP looks like today by just typing in “Dwayne Wade”


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Whatever type of business or organization you’re in, you’ve probably been working on your big plans for 2020. Maybe you’re aiming high at some bold and exciting sales goals or perhaps have decided you want to work on increasing your brand awareness. At Force 5, we’d love to help you reach whatever marketing goals you have set for the future.

Here are five important things to consider when setting a course for your marketing in 2020.

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By Bob Earley

So, now that you have a fair understanding between traditional and digital advertising solutions, now comes programmatic or OTT advertising. What is OTT you ask? Is it the newest and greatest thing since “sliced bread” for advertisers?”

OTT simply means Over The Top. What does that mean? With more and more people choosing to cut the cable (and satellite) cord to watch TV shows and movies, they are moving towards streaming content.

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Here at Force 5, we value the importance of community…especially when it involves great food! That's why we're inviting some of the areas hottest food trucks to take over our parking lot for a fun lunchtime event we call Force 5 Food Truck Friday - now in it's third year!

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Force 5 has announced the hiring of Bob Earley, as Director of Client Services. With the continued revenue and client growth Force 5 has experienced since its inception, owners Deb DeFreeuw and David Morgan have taken the necessary steps to further foster client relationships for which they have been widely recognized.