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Force 5 Culture

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Force 5 is a unique, next generation brand development and marketing communications firm—the only of its kind in the region. We combine unmatched expertise in technology, brand development and creative execution with soulful ideas to drive your goals beyond expectations. We work as your strategic partner to build communities one brand Soul at a time.

Our highly creative culture produces insightful brand expression, brilliant ideas and award-winning marketing programs. We are highly credentialed with certifications in brand strategy and technology — producing an uncommonly broad and highly efficient skill set for a small agency.

The Hemispheres

What do you get when left brainers and right brainers join forces?

  1. Picasso-loving Trekkies.
  2. The first book of poetry written entirely in binary code.
  3. An agency building communities one brand Soul at a time.

Okay, so maybe the other answers would also apply, but who really wants to read binary haiku? We understand the importance of right and left brainers, and the quirks that come with both. We know that left brainers have an amazing ability to create fully functional websites and complex web applications. We also know that those logic lovers have a propensity for Star Trek that the rest of the world just doesn't get.

As for right brainers, they have an innate ability to create amazingly innovative designs, even if they must continually explain why Mac far surpasses any Windows-based computer. But in the end, both are an integral part of the team that unites form and function to meet and exceed your marketing needs. That's why we have asked the best of the best to join our team.

Our Soul

Bag of popcornVintage Coke machinePups

So what happens when both hemispheres combine? You get a quirky group of popcorn loving, Friday afternoon grilling, brand strategists who work hard for their clients and have a blast doing so. We have set up camp in a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired building where the St. Joe River flows right outside our front door.

We have a passion for rescued animals and invite four-legged friends to join us in the office each day. Sounds interesting, huh? Well, feel free to stop by and see for yourself. Join us for some popcorn, a cookout or just stop in to give the pups a treat.


Meet our resident left- and right-brainers

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David Morgan
David Morgan
Brand Guy. Office Dog Wrangler.

David Morgan is the executive producer, general partner and left-brain (with a touch of right brain for good measure) head honcho for Force 5. He graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in education, majoring in radio and television, and received his master's degree from the University of Notre Dame in communication arts. Prior to starting Visions in 1986, he was director of media development for Bayer Inc. In that role, his staff of 12 was responsible for over 300 video projects, training presentations, annual reports and live events. At Visions, David was involved in the early stages of interactive training, formulating laser discs for emergency room and intensive room personnel. Visions gained a national reputation for its production of video walls for such clients as the Federal Aviation Administration. David's FAA programs were highlighted at the Paris, Farnborough and Singapore Air Shows for several years. Not too shabby, huh? After 16 years of production experience, he and Deb cooked up Force 5 and the rest is history.

Fun facts about David Morgan

  • David was an extra on the Benson TV show in L.A. - Remember Benson?
  • David is on the Search and Rescue Team for the Humane Society of the United States-and has been deployed regionally.
  • As a summer job while teaching, David was a Cass County Sheriff Deputy patrolling local lakes.
Deb DeFreeuw, Force 5
Deb Defreeuw
Brand Certified. Artsy Creative.

Deb DeFreeuw works as creative director, a.k.a. the head right brainer and general partner, of Force 5. She graduated from the Kendall College of Art and Design with a bachelor's in fine arts/advertising. Her entrée into the ad world began at a regional agency where she held such titles as art director in traditional media and director of new media. During her 12 years there, her brainchildren included projects for Damon Corporation and Teachers Credit Union. With impressive experience under her belt, Deb set out on her own to create Wild Fire Media, specializing in electronic marketing communications. After three years, Wild Fire merged with Visions to form what is now Force 5.

Fun facts about Deb Defreeuw

  • Deb LOVES to bake and cook
  • Loves to go really fast (169 mph - NASCAR, Petty Experience and 130+ mph in the 1,000 Lakes Poker Run boat race in Canada)
  • Maine is her favorite state
Beth North
Elizabeth A.B. North
Business Developer

Elizabeth A.B. North, a.k.a. Beth, is a seasoned marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in building company and product brands and lifecycles from launch through maturity within the United States and globally. Before joining Force 5, Beth was vice president of marketing for Hygieia, Inc., based in Ann Arbor. She has also worked in marketing and management roles for Home (now NIPRO) Diagnostics in Ft. Lauderdale, and Bayer’s Diagnostics, Healthcare and Diabetes Care businesses based in Elkhart and Mishawaka. In her spare time, Beth is a golfer, a runner, aspiring author and former-hoping-to-be-active-again ice hockey player.

Fun facts about Elizabeth A.B. North

  • Beth has been to Japan 17 times. When in the crowd of 50,000 for the Indianapolis Rolling Stones concert, Beth met a guy who flew in from Japan to celebrate his 19th birthday. [He had attended a Stones concert in Japan, but was very far from stage.}
Marty Heirty
Marty Heirty
Account Strategist

Marty Heirty graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in communications and theatre, and later received his master's degree from the University of Notre Dame in nonprofit administration. He worked for nine years in television and worked at nonprofit arts organizations for another 12 years. He also freelanced with a number of shows, including Wicked, Spamalot, Frankie Valli and the illustrious Michael Bolton. Marty has mediocre golfing and hockey skills, and couldn’t hit a pheasant with the broadside of a barn, but that doesn’t keep him from enjoying those activities. He also enjoys traveling with his family.

Fun facts about Marty Heirty

  • Marty likes brie cheese, long walks on the beach, and Oxford commas.
  • Marty invited Fidel Castro to his wedding; El Presidente didn't show up (or send a wedding gift), and there is probably now an FBI file on Marty.
  • Marty was Fire Chief-for-a-Day in 5th grade.
Christian Mattix
Christian Mattix
Web Application Developer & Network Administrator

Christian Mattix, web application developer and network administrator, has a degree in computer science and a minor in English from Purdue University. Talk about left meets right brain! He interned with Microsoft and has worked with a variety of companies, including small start-ups, medical centers and Purdue University’s College of Education. Through his experience he has developed an intranet search engine for arbitrary, unstructured data types and files; a retail and marketing management program for a mid-size grocery retailer; an artificial intelligence based expert system that handles process automation and information flow; and interfaces and applications that interact with electronic medical record systems. Aside from his nerdy nature, he enjoys traveling, photography, the outdoors and spending time with his family. Interesting fact: he fenced competitively for Purdue. En garde!

Zach Barnett
Designer/Front-End Developer

Zach Barnett is Force 5's front-end web developer/designer. Zach graduated from Purdue University, majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a focus on Web Programming & Design. Zach lived in Indianapolis prior to college, and moved to northwest Indiana with his girlfriend after graduating (and currently drives for over an hour to get to work!). He has had two internships, one in Lafayette, IN and another in Indianapolis, IN, both developing front-end web applications. He has worked on a number of development projects, including web applications for designing homes, parsing medical information, and processing live event video feeds. In his free time, Zach develops video games, creates art, and writes music.

Fun facts about Zach Barnett

  • Zach was in a rock band in high school and got to play on the same (tiny) stages that some of his favorite bands also have played on.
  • Zach, while working as a camp counselor, taught fifth-grade kids how to throw tomahawks
  • Zach has taken the wheel of an airplane while in-flight
Nicole Nusbaum
Nicole Nusbaum
Super Assistant

Nicole Nusbaum is the new administrative assistant (or, Super Assistant) here at Force 5. A South Bend native, she’s returned to her hometown after nearly 17 years in Los Angeles and 5 years in Chicago. As a career Executive Assistant, she spent her LA days working in the “Industry” (Entertainment, that is) for heavy-hitters such as Sony Pictures Television, William Morris Agency and CBS Television. In 2009 she migrated back to the Midwest (Chicago) to work in the Media Relations / Communications department of the corporate headquarters of MillerCoors.

Fun facts about Nicole Nusbaum

  • A home-improvement / HGTV junkie
  • Rescued a deaf Jack Russel Terrier mix and named him Pablo (although…Pablo doesn’t know that)
  • Has many, many awesome celebrity encounters she’d love to tell you about
Camille Zyniewicz
Camille Zyniewicz

Camille Zyniewicz is a student at the University of Notre Dame where she is studying Visual Communication Design. She began drawing at a young age and became interested in graphic design during college. This past semester, she studied abroad in Rome for four months where she learned the ins and outs of a new culture and even managed to learn how to order a caffe latte in Italian. Camille has graphic design experience prior to her internship with Force 5 and takes special interest in marketing and branding. During her free time she enjoys running absurd distances, having completed 2 half marathons and one full marathon. Camille looks forward to interning with Force 5 this summer and getting to be a part of their unique culture and creative atmosphere.

Fun facts about Camille Zyniewicz

  • Camille has never not been last on an alphabetically organized roster, unless one of her siblings was on it as well.
  • In fourth grade Camille won a handwriting contest, but her academic note-taking does not always reflect this accomplishment.